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Pen Pal Swap

Our swap is between L.W.A. members only, so you know who you are writing to loves letters as much as you do. We make this page available to the public in order to be transparent as to how our swap works and to make our pen pal policy viewable to all. We also have Pen Pal FAQs for your perusal.

This swap is not for members who are currently incarcerated since there are a plethora of prisoner pen pal organizations available.

letter waiting to be written

While we understand that you are excited to get started, please read the following before requesting a pen pal:

Be an awesome pen pal:

  • Start writing immediately.
    Write to your pen pal within 2 weeks of receiving their mailing info.
    If you know you won't be able to write an intro letter in 2 weeks or less, WAIT to sign-up until you will have the time.
  • Actually write and respond.
    Only sign-up for the swap if you fully intend to maintain a correspondence with your pen pals. Don't be the sad trombone in someone's empty mailbox.
  • Give your pal a chance.
    Seriously–give it two to three letters before you decide if it is a good pen match. If you are going to look at someone's interests and not even bother to write the first letter to get a correspondence going, don't even sign up for the swap. I'm serious. DO not waste the time of your potential pal or Kathy's time matching you up if you aren't even going to write the first letter.
  • Be respectful of your pen pal and don't be a jerk.
    For real guys or I swear I'll turn this car around!

What to expect from your request:

  • Be Patient
    Kathy hand-matches each pen pal request and this sometimes takes time, especially if you have special requests. We get an average of 100 pen pal requests a week, so your patience is super appreciated. You can expect an address for your pen pal in 2-3 weeks.
  • Match Info is Emailed
    Your pen pal match will be emailed to you, so please supply an email you check regularly. (Double check that you wrote your email correctly!)
    You will be emailed an address to write to and your second pal will get your mailing address. You should end up with two good pen pals.
  • Special Requests are Iffy to No
    Understand that sometimes all special requests cannot be met, but I try to match you as best as possible.
    I cannot honor requests for pen pals from specific countries. (While our membership is worldwide, trying to hunt down specific nationalities slows down matching significantly.)

Pen Pal Policy

It is unfortunate that we must have a disclaimer, but below is what you agree to when you join the pen pal swap.

The pen pal swap is kept within Letter Writers Alliance (L.W.A.) members. By joining the swap you agree to act in a respectful manner and to not use this service for unlawful means. That being said, we do not filter who can become a member nor can we dictate what our members do in their personal lives. In joining this swap you agree to be solely responsible for your communications with your pen pal and that the Letter Writers Alliance and its owners are not liable for any damages or loss that may occur due to your pen pal correspondence. You agree that the use of this service is at your sole risk. You consent to indemnify and hold harmless the L.W.A. from any claim, demand, or damage asserted by you or a third party due to your correspondence.

In return, the L.W.A. will match you with as many pen pals as you wish for free for as long as the organization is in service. The L.W.A. also agrees to keep your information safe and not share it with anyone other than the pen pals you requested. We will not sell your information or otherwise do anything evil or anything worthy of mustache twirling with the information you have given us. View our privacy policy for more info on our information policies.

I Agree, Gosh!

Clicking "I Agree" takes you to the pen pal request form.
The request form is for Member's ONLY. You will be asked for your password.