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Envelope Making Basics (Workshop)

$ 2.00

This 17 minute video will walk you through making your own envelope, from making a template, to choosing the materials. You also get a PDF summary of the tutorial to keep at your desk while you create envelopes. Bonus commentary from Donovan with tips and tricks on making the best envelope.

This digital workshop you will teach you:

  • how make an envelope template
  • how create envelopes from anything flat
  • give you the know-how to reproduce the process and make your own army of envelopes!
  • Includes a two-page PDF summary of the tutorial to use as a cheat sheet

 Supplies needed:

  • scissors
  • glue
  • paper


Closed captioning is available on the video. You can toggle it on and off via the "CC" icon on the bottom right of the video screen, once you gain access to the video. Please let us know if you also need a written transcript of the video and we can email it to you after you complete your purchase.


You can watch a three minute preview of the tutorial to get a taste of what you will learn.

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